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A professional diving internship as a PADI Divemaster, happydiversPADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or beyond is a very rewarding opportunity for scuba divers, with 1 to 3 months to spare, who have set a serious goal of becoming a PADI SCUBA diving professional.

A full time job in the scuba diving industry may not be your ultimate objective, there are many PADI pro’s that work part time or teach only friends or family or simply enjoy the status and benefits.

Whatever your motivation internships with Downbelow – PADI 5 Star IDC Centre represent excellent value for money and international level quality training.

It’s an opportunity to immerse in the business of diving by accelerating development, smoothing out the learning curve and gaining valuable hands-on dive industry experience in a busy premier dive centre.

Professional scuba diving internship graduates can hit the ground running, ready for immediate dive job employment in even the busiest of dive centers.

Choosing where and who with to complete your professional scuba diving diving internship is the most important decision of your professional diving career.

Find Out The Dates of the Next IDC AsiaThere are several important aspects to consider about a dive internship:

This website aims to answer the majority of your questions and provide you with a true representation of what you can expect from our PADI GoPRO Internships.

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