Board the transfer boat to your diving dream!

Posted 06 Aug 2014


To live the diving dream is a fantastic life-changing opportunity and getting there needs hard work and dedication. Our services at both our Head Office and our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre are committed to making diving dreams to come true!

As part of our Go PRO internship programs, which are conducted at both our mainland Headquarters as well as our Gaya Island beach house, your dedication to becoming a Go PRO diver will be met by an equal commitment from us to ensure your every chance to succeed.

There are many benefits we include into the program, such as the experience of real diving situations, which means absolutely only the basics of simulated practice! Initially, dive training will be assessed by one of our experienced PADI Instructor Trainers of our Go PRO team. But then under the supervision of one of our PADI Instructors, Go PRO interns are encouraged to be involved as much as possible in as many real diving scenarios with our real diving clients – a surefire method of successful learning!

Get more details on other benefits of our Go PRO internship programs when you contact our Head Office. One of our experienced and helpful members of staff will arrange an itinerary to cater to your individual needs to begin living your diving dream in Borneo!

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