Brian and Kristi refresh their first aid skills!

Posted 26 Nov 2014

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Basic first aid skills shouldn’t be considered only for professional divers to possess because it’s so valuable for all divers to have these skills that can save another!

When prospective Go PRO interns enquire on the requirements of becoming a dive professional, our Go PRO advisors are informed in PADI Standards and experienced in creating a suitable itinerary specifically to the individual Go PRO intern.

About 2 years ago, PADI Divemaster Brian completed his Go PRO dive training at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island. Now, Brian returns to refresh his skills in our Borneo paradise with crewmember of his travelling dive boat, Kristi.

Dedicated PADI Instructor Timmy conducted their Emergency First Response (EFR) course on the deck of our beach house, and Brian is updated on any changes to procedures of basic first aid and CPR.

Contact our Head Office to discuss with one of our Go PRO advisors on an internship program and become a PADI professional in tropical Sabah to live the SAFE diving dream!

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