“can you teach an old dog new tricks?”

Posted 06 Jul 2012

brianAfter 30 years of diving around the world i decided to take the Dive Master Course at Dive Downbelow in Kota Kunabalu, Malaysia. They designed a ten day fast pace course for me due to my experience level. It was ten intense, grueling, exciting and fun days. I came away with a vast amount of new knowledge, some tuned up old bad habits and a higher degree of confidence of my ability to handle any dive related situation.
Richard was our hands on instructor as he takes the pro level classes, we also worked with many of the senior staff members. the integrity of the lass was top level. 
the staff at Downbelow were amazing, always attentive, efficient and very fun. The facility is enchanting, located on the small island of Gaya in a national park and surrounded by jungle and clear oh so warm water.
i highly recommend Dive Downbelow for any level of training especially the pro lever

Brian Calvert

Class of July 2012 Divemaster

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