Control is vital when teaching in open water!

Posted 23 Jun 2014



Even under circumstances of role-play, initially Instructor Development Course (IDC) candidates will find supervision a tricky skill to master.

The level of control needed for teaching in open water requires a higher level of attention than in confined water, for one obvious reason that open water is deeper and subject to ocean currents and other environmental factors.

With plenty of time for practice given in our internship program, candidates will assert their leadership skills more and more with each presentation.

For our full time and highly experienced Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers, their evaluation of candidates during open water teaching presentation is based very much on the candidates’ awareness. This involves the candidate demonstrating their understanding of the performance requirements of the skill, the environmental surroundings, communication with students and certified assistant, and above all else, student safety.

Contact any of our Head Office team in our KK Times Square HQ and get more details on the attractive and fully-inclusive internship programs we offer for professional dive training.

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