Debriefing is necessary after every in-water session.

Posted 07 Jul 2014


Debriefing is a performance requirement, which is easily overlooked by PADI Instructors particularly when their student diver performs a skill perfectly and understands the knowledge behind it in its entirety. However, they need to acknowledge that not every situation will be perfect in their future real life scuba diving!

Instructing the entry-level PADI Open Water Diver course, our dedicated full time PADI Instructors impart their own personal experience to enhance the knowledge development of their student divers.

Before the beginning of any dive training that credits toward a certification, student divers are made aware of the risks involved.

During the in-water sessions of the practical dive training, student divers are remediated if necessary to gain confidence.

During surface intervals, our PADI Instructors spend time with their student divers to ‘debrief’. Debriefing will consist of the student and the Instructor reflecting on the skills completed; what went well, what didn’t go so well. Then, understanding the relation between dive theory and practical scuba diving to make sense of what did and didn’t go well.

For Go PRO divers all the necessary experience is present to share with the student diver! But our Go PRO internship programs and our Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers can show the Go PRO diver how to use their experience to teach effectively!

Contact one of our Head Office team in our KK Times Square HQ to find out more about living your diving dream in Borneo!

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