Developing students with debriefing!

Posted 23 Aug 2014


When student divers listen to their PADI Instructors’ briefing, they are focused but it’s a bit of a different language to them, especially the first few confined water dive sessions!

Debriefing is so valuable for this reason. A briefing includes what the skill is, why it needs to be learnt and how to perform it. So the student can understand in theory, but after practicing the skill they want to know why they do not perform it as effortlessly as their PADI Instructor does! On the waters’ surface, the PADI Instructor dutifully explains how to master the skill with tips and advice gathered from their own experience.

Following along on PADI courses and programs conducted by our team of PADI Instructors to gather intel in an effort to develop instructional skills is highly encouraged and valuable for our Go PRO internship candidates enrolled on our Instructor Development Course (IDC). This being said, our Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers will guide the candidates’ with their own experience.

For more details on the delivery of our high standard of quality dive training at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre facility on Gaya Island, contact our Head Office for a detailed Go PRO internship program on your journey to becoming an Instructor!

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