Dive briefing will become natural!

Posted 21 Jul 2014


Briefing a site for real clients is a bit nerve-wracking for some Go PRO candidates because there’s a pressure to be entertaining! In time, with lots of practice, all candidates get so much better as they relax and eventually deliver a briefing that is natural!

Our team of PADI professionals would agree, that the skills to briefing naturally are in direct relation to real experiences. They dive and snorkel along reefs in the local area of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park so much that knowledge of the reefs will no doubt increase. Marine life is different at different reefs, even during different times of day; furthermore the conditions are affected by tides and weather!

In the beginning of a dive career the challenge of acclimatizing to an area is a guarantee, but it’s necessary for development. When guiding a client at a reef, it’s a real boost of confidence when the dive briefing is actualized! A client appreciates a professional guide who knows what they’re talking about too!

For the candidates of our professional internship programs to become a Go PRO diver, it is included to experience real diving situations as a method of learning. Get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful members of staff at our Head Office to arrange a suitable program to Go PRO in Borneo!

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