Dive conditions influence risk assessment.

Posted 05 Jul 2014


Any PADI professional can relate to changing the dive plan due to ongoing risk assessment during even one single open water dive experience.

Recently, the visibility has been great, but if the dive conditions were not as good, a professional diver needs to lead and supervise differently.

Our dive guides are full time staff at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island and their knowledge of and experience with the local Tunku Abdul Rahman Park area is extensive.

Orientation of an area is vital for the PADI professional, to gradually become familiar by frequently visiting a reef system, and is a part of the process of risk assessment.

Go PRO internship candidates are given so much advice by our own team of PADI professionals when learning more about the nature of the reefs in our local area. Their skills of supervision adjust to suit the changing natural conditions. Increasing their knowledge base expands their skills to address a situation before it becomes a problem, and thus provide safe diving for their clients.

Contact our Head Office team to create a suitable internship program for you to Go PRO yourself, and be a confident Go PRO diver as you live your diving dream!

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