Do I need boat handling skills as a PADI Instructor?

Posted 19 Jan 2015

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Boat handling skills as a PADI Instructor, is a highly valuable asset for dive operators, but it isn’t a requirement that those skills are needed.

‘Work For a Career’ PADI Divemaster Azhar is enrolling on our next PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), and his boat handling skills will only serve him as a benefit in his future instructional career. With just elementary knowledge of boat safety, a dive instructors’ teaching will have an emphasis on boat diving and the safety aspects to do with boats. Diving by boat is very popular worldwide because it opens so many dive adventures for dive operators to offer their clients. Shore diving is great, but if that’s the only option, diver retention will be very challenging.

The more qualifications that an individual PADI Instructor possesses, will credit to their career in the highly competitive dive industry!

Azhar receives a lot of experience observing our own successful dive operations, which is as equally valuable as boat handling skills. Experience is included in abundance in one of our Go PRO internship programs, which Azhar is completing!

Get in touch with one of our helpful and experienced Go PRO advisors to create a suitable itinerary for you to start living the diving dream in Kota Kinabalu – get your experience!

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