“excellent experience”

Posted 06 Oct 2012

wouter&nenaWe stayed at Dive downbelow for 2 months to do our idc and IE. We gained a lot of experience even outside the idc. We had the opportunity to join a lot of OW courses and even more advanced courses. This gained us not even experience, but also more confidence towards the IDC. We thank the amazing team for this trip and must say that this is one of the best places we’ve been to. Not only the team is really nice, but they were all well experienced and gave a good education to all the people that came here. From snorkling to instructor courses. They all gave the same attention and professionalism. 
Also the care for the environment was really nice to see. From beach clean up every day to projects like the shark aware!
Last but not least. As a cook i must say the food was amazing!

thank you for the nice experience

Wouter van Mol & Nena van Leekwijck

Class of September 2012 IDC

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