Explain dive theory according to diver level.

Posted 31 Oct 2014

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Dive theory can be slightly intimidating for the entry-level student diver, but there are various methods to learning new knowledge, and it’s the PADI Instructors’ duty to guide them to understanding dive theory.

August Wagner, one of our Go PRO internship candidates, is qualified to enroll on our next PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), and without a doubt he understands the dive theory well to successfully pass his PADI Divemaster exams.

However, as a new PADI professional it’s easy to ‘over-instruct’, meaning offering more information that the student diver needs to qualify in their particular level of recreational diving. PADI professionals are expected to understand how SCUBA affects divers physiologically with more specific content.

Our Go PRO team will counsel our next IDC candidates when they’re delivering their own presentations in the multimedia classroom facilities based at our Head Office on mainland Kota Kinabalu.

Get a high standard of professional quality dive training at our Gaya Island Dive Centre when enrolled on our IDC, which we include in our Go PRO internship program! For more details, contact our Head Office travel experts to create a detailed itinerary to suit you.

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