Q1) I do not have the required number of dives to meet the pre-requisite for the professional level courses.
A) No problem, the concept behind an internship is that you are here to gain experience so there will be plenty of time to increase your number of logged dives at no additional charge. Just let us know how many logged dives you have completed.
Q2) Can I complete any preparation in advance?
A) Yes, PADI have designed Dive Theory Online. PADI Dive Theory Online consists of six easy-to-learn sections, covering Physics, Physiology, Equipment, The Recreational Dive Planner, Diving Environment and Dive Skills. Although not compulsory, the lessons will benefit anyone who is interested and wants to improve their dive theory knowledge.
Q3) Which airport should I fly into?
A) You need to fly to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) there are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Brunei and Perth.
Q4) Do I need to obtain any sort of VISA in advance?
A) For all commonwealth countries there is no need to obtain a VISA. Upon entry at passport control you will be issued with a 3 month social VISA. We do however suggest that you check online at the Malaysian Embassy for updates.
Q5) Will I be working for you?
A) No, you will not become cheap labour and you will not be working for us. You will be assisting and gaining experience alongside our fully qualified and permanent staff team of PADI Instructors and Instructor Trainers.
Q6) Can I take time off during the internship?
A) Yes, you can take as much time as you like, however do bear in mind that you will be here to learn and gain experience, your days off are not replaced so we do encourage you to join in and come to the island as much as you can. Having said this, rest time is important. You need to let us know the day prior that you are not coming for our logistics & training schedule purposes.
Q7) What will I be doing on a daily basis?
A) We will collect you from your accommodation at 0800 hours daily and bring you along with other guests and interns that day to our marina where you will board our fast speedboats for a 10-minute ride to Gaya Island – not a bad daily commute! Once at the island dive centre you’ll talk to the Go Pro team who will brief you on the schedule and guests that day and suggest which programs they recommend you join for experience. Alternatively, the team will have set training components of your course so you may be learning skills, attending workshops, preparing or sitting exams. At the beginning of your program you will receive an orientation from one of the Go Pro Team to discuss the course components so that you are prepared. Your time will be spent on the island, only during the Instructor Development Course (IDC), which is a very structured 14 – 16 day program, will you spend approximately 7 – 9 days in the classroom.
Q8) With unlimited diving would this allow us to tag onto fun dives when we can, to get used to dive sites and increase our experience?
A) Most definitely, this is the benefit of completing in an internship with us! The island operates everyday and in the event that we do not have any paying guests on LD (leisure dives) for a day which is very very rare then you can still shore dive from the dive centre.
Q9) Who is your PADI Course Director?
A) Our PADI Course Director is British born Richard Swann who is also our company Managing Director. Richard is a Platinum PADI Course Director and last year was one of only 71 Course Directors worldwide to earn this level of recognition. He heads up a team of Go PRO PADI Instructors who assist him throughout the professional level courses and remains in full control of every individuals program and teaches every component of the IDC.
Q10) Are your courses taught in fluent English or any other languages?
A) All our courses are taught in fluent English. Our team are of British, Malaysian and Chinese nationalities. For more information please visit the Go PRO Team & Staff Team pages within our website to find out more about us.
Q11) How many Interns do you usually have at any one time?
A) The number of interns at any one time ranges from around 4 to 10 people. Each internship is tailored to the individual but we do find that we always have 2 – 4 people at approximately the same level, which means there are usually others to share the same experience and you will be together for some of the training sessions which is great for building friendships and teamwork.
Q12) What is your pass rate for IDC?
A) 100% to date.
Q13) Do I need to own my own equipment?
A) We highly recommend divers at a professional level to own their own equipment, however this is not a necessity since we provide dive equipment rental at a greatly reduced rate for interns. Our Dive Shop stocks many reputable dive branded merchandise for all levels of scuba diving, and worth browsing! However you must own your own personal: Dive Compass, Pocket Mask, RDP Table & Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) plus a timing device (watch or dive computer). A dive computer is highly recommended but not required. We have reduced-cost combination packages with items specially prepared for our interns, or you can buy prior to your internship elsewhere. Please bring a laptop computer or iPad.
Q14) Do I need to bring all my books from previous PADI Courses?
A) Although in an ideal world they would be useful, its a lot of weight to carry around. We have a selection of manuala for reference in our IDC classroom but they must remain in the classroom. If you are completing your PADI DM and/or IDC then the respective CrewPak is included. If you are completing your IDC only then you will need your PADI Instructor Manual & Guide to Teaching Manual, The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving & Recreational Dive Planner – RDP Table and eRDPML, these items would have been included within your PADI DM Course. If you are crossing over from another organisation you will need to purchase these items from us or elsewhere before you arrive.
Q15) Where will the IE take place? Will I have an opportunity to familiarise myself with the IE confined / open water location prior to the IE?
A) The IE confined and open water will take place either at our dive centre OR another local dive centres’ location within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. You will be very familiar with the location, your PADI Course Director will also be present at the IE for moral support and all IE logistics fees (tanks, weights, park & jetty fees, land and boat transfers) are included within the package price.
Q16) Will you assist me in finding work after my internship?
A) We encourage all interns to complete an IDC and become a PADI OWSI or MSDT. At this level there are plenty of jobs available and you will have a worldwide opportunity for employment since the PADI organisation is the world leader so finding a job is not difficult providing you are committed. As part of the IDC internship we conduct an employment workshop with material that we pass to you to help you search, prepare and approach potential employers to get results. As you would expect from a PADI IDC Centre we have good network contacts who are often looking for employees; and to date, newly qualified instructors looking for employment have found employment!
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