Follow PADI standard ratios with junior divers!

Posted 08 Apr 2015

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PADI Instructors pay due diligence before conducting any PADI course or program (whether it be scuba diving or not) by following PADI standard ratios specific to junior divers!

Conducting the PADI Bubblemaker program, we assigned two of our Instructors to control and supervise the underwater activity.

The ratio set within our dive operations is set much lower, so that students receive the attention they need to successfully complete their diver training and ensure diver safety throughout too.

This objective is no different when conducting professional scuba diving training. PADI Divemaster candidates are overseen by an experienced member of our PADI Instructor team to assess their various leadership skills!

During diver training (as in, before official certification), interns will be under supervision at all times if they ever need assistance. After every assessment, interns will receive feedback from the Instructor and their mentor of the Go PRO team, which will only improve their skills as a dive leader!

Our interns are encouraged to take advantage of assisting on groups, such as participants of our Expedition Borneo program who aim to qualify as PADI Open Water Divers. They have never dived before, so it’s great experience for our interns to assist throughout the whole 3-4 day course!

For more information on our professional scuba diving internships, contact one of our Go PRO advisors, who are experienced and helpful in creating an itinerary to suit your goals and needs to become a PADI professional in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

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