Go PRO team: Instructors who train professional divers.

Posted 11 Jan 2015

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The Instructors who train professional divers at Downbelow’s premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre in Kota Kinabalu are the experienced Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers.

Responsible for all professional dive training of our Go PRO internship program candidates, the Go PRO team ‘team teach’ all interns. Although, our entire team of PADI professionals contribute to the development of future dive instructors. And hanging on the walls of our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, all professional level qualifications are to represent the wealth of knowledge and experience available to our internship candidates.

Leading the Go PRO team is our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann, who oversees the progress of all dive training, both recreational as well as professional-level PADI courses and programs.

Between the PADI Instructor Trainer members of our Go PRO team, the vast knowledge and years of experience working in the dive industry is the most valuable asset to our professional dive interns. All Go PRO interns are encouraged to seek as much counselling from the team to improve their own leadership skills.

Contact our Kota Kinabalu HQ to discuss with one of our Go PRO advisors a suitable professional dive internship program to qualify as an Open Water Scuba Instructor!

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