PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Instructor

Marine enthusiasts worldwide have a fascination with sharks. The PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty is a course for those who want to learn more about the elusive fish, its conservation status, its future and ways to support its survival.

As an AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Instructor you will have the natural passion for the subject. Extra effort to research current information and adapt your knowledge development content for your students’ course will be expected.

The prerequisite qualification for this course is to be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

During the course, you will complete the knowledge development component, so you may share and elaborate on any of your students’ course content; and of course inspire them to become an advocate of shark conservation. Topics covered include: threats to shark populations, management strategies to protect sharks, responsible diving with sharks.

You will conduct dives and act as the instructor to complete your practical training. You and your student must identify any hazards to sharks and any feature that reduces any negative impact on sharks.

Throughout the course and during dive activities, assert to your students’ the value of responsible dive practices and dive behavior to minimize effects on the environment and the negative impact this has on sharks. Knowing this your students will want to improve their buoyancy techniques to develop their scuba diving skills further.

The AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Instructor qualification counts as a pre-requisite instructor specialty towards the Master Scuba Diver Trainer qualification.

Employers view a Master Scuba Diver Trainer as a professional of a variety of interests and one who enjoys teaching their student divers to become proficient recreational divers.

At Downbelow, the PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer is integrated into a 1-month internship program. Within the month, every day will be an opportunity to develop instructional skills and build on training from Specialty Instructor courses.

Downbelow are a devoted supporter of environmental conservation and Project AWARE.

Our passion for conservation is reflected in our high quality training standard when we teach the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Instructor course.

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