Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor

A PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider qualification has so much to offer the recreational diver, particularly the knowledge of handling emergency situations concerning diver rescue.

As an instructor of this course, you will educate your student on the administration of emergency oxygen in any diving incident and the procedures for the different conditions of an injured diver.

As a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor, your training will give your students’ the confidence to handle serious situations, such as a pressure-related injury and teach them to be able to use their training to potentially try and save a life.

What will I teach as a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor?

You will teach your students how to recognise the different conditions of an injured diver in an emergency situation and how to administer oxygen.

This will involve: understanding how to assemble and disassemble oxygen equipment safely, considerations for storing emergency oxygen equipment and the different methods and their purpose of how to effectively administer emergency oxygen.

The conduct of practical application in this course has no need for scuba diving in training scenarios.

What prerequisites do I need?

Certified and non-certified divers alike may take the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course.

The emphasis of the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is more aimed toward an emergency scuba diving incident, but the course has no diving prerequisites.

To enroll on the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor, you need to be certified as a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider. The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty is so highly regarded in the scuba diving industry that PADI Divemasters are able to certify as an Instructor in this specialty as well. A PADI Divemaster is able to teach and certify PADI Emergency Oxygen Providers once successfully completing the Specialty Instructor course with a PADI Course Director.

PADI Divemasters and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors with Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor rating are highly valued by future dive operator employers. This qualification demonstrates to your employer that safety is important to you and as a PADI professional, safety won’t be something overlooked during any teaching situation.

At Downbelow, safety is of utmost priority and all of our PADI Instructors hold the Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor qualification.

When you Go PRO at Downbelow, you too will make safety your top priority!

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