“Great experience!”

Posted 27 Oct 2012

victorGreat option if you are looking Course Director for your IDC. 

I chose DB because they offered the best deal I could find, especially because they include accomodation. But I also found everything very well organized, nice facilities, confortable accomodation and very nice staff. 

Richard, the CD, was a great teacher. He is english but accustomed to talk to not english native speakers so I had not problem to follow the program. The staff instructors were also great support. I learned a lot so I passed my IE with good score!

They give accomodation in a small and confortable hotel so the experience is amazing if you have a little bit of time to know your IDC mates. They pick you up and drop you off everyday, so you do not need to worry about anything except study ;-)

Kota Kinabalu is a nice city but I prefer small places. Then I was happy because most of the time you are in Gaya island, where the dive center is. It is very quiet and beautiful. You can see even monkeys and sometimes have a football match if you find the time! You will only share it with divers, a few visitors and the rangers that take care of the park.

In my opinion great IDC center, and also very committed with marine life protection, which is very important to me.


Victor Fernandez

Class of September 2012 IDC

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