“Home away from home.”

Posted 10 Mar 2012

samThe island that the dive center is on is absolutely gorgeous, even when there is rainy/cloudy weather it will still take your breath away! (Dont forget your camera) 
I did a three month internship with Richard and the staff at Downbelow to complete my IDC IE and MSDT, and loved every minute of it. All the staff was always friendly.. i dont think i ever saw any of them have a bad day the entire time i was there–How could you with working in such a wonderful place. 
It was a pretty relaxed internship to start with, which was nice. It got me comfortable with the environment, i would be doing my training in, as well as getting to see a lot of the dive sites around the park. 
On occasion when someone found an illegal fishing net, I would get to help remove it, which was great for my experience. 
If you have a little extra free time in you internship, there are a few lovely trecking paths you can follow too, just make sure you have proper walking shoes. 
All in all,Dive Downbelow is a lovely place to stay for any length of time whether it is for a vacation, a course, or an internship. I have not met a single person that has said any different.

Samantha-Lynn McCoomb

Class of February 2012 IDC

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