“IDC Internship”

Posted 01 Jul 2013

nordinI stayed over a month in Kota Kinabalu.Borneo SABAH completing my IDC at Dive Downbelow. Choosing a place for the course is not an easy job,firstly after reading few comments from previous participants and through close friends who has been there then Dive Downbelow became my first choice from the list which has been short listed.I would highly recommend you gals and guys doing your IDCs here.The Course Director’s and the IDC Team was great in their teachings and assisting throughout the whole course until your’e prepared to sit for the IE.The logistical supports for the whole course is marvelous .Accommodation was great and the room was spacious with attached bathroom. I really enjoyed my stay during the whole duration…..what else you want to ask….make known to them. Complain? What you mean..? NONE…..Once again Thank you very much Dive Downbelow..till then I will be there again. Regards…Instructor Nordin Zakaria

Nordin Zakaria

Class of February 2013 IDC

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