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Posted 30 Dec 2013

mikeI found these guys in Kota Kinabalu Sabah in early 2013 following an unsuccessful dive trip to Thailand and they are absolutely awesome. A trained commercial diver from years ago, I was keen to add PADI recreational diving qualifications to my CV and from the moment I first emailed the Downbelow head office, I knew they were the organisation for me. 

The initial response I had was so thorough, so reassuringly detailed that I was there within about 48 hours of making contact. 

Even though my commercial diving qualifications were from the late 1980’s they took the time and trouble to talk to PADI and ascertain what was needed for me to obtain my Open Water Scuba Instructor qualification. 

As you might imagine I stayed some time and saw first hand a large portion of their operation and I got to know them all very well, I loved every day of my stay there – they all made me feel so very welcome. Due to the length of my trip I was labelled an ‘intern’ and I met so many wonderful people, from day trippers, to groups, to families – everyone was treated so professionally by Downbelow.

Along the way and as part of my course I helped out where I could and watched from the side lines as to how guests were treated and I just cannot fault the service, at every turn it was exceptional. 

The level of enthusiasm and dedication shown by all the members of staff is just tremendous and remember I was there for months not days!….in all that time I saw no cracks, no weak links, no moans, no groans…..from the great guys that collect you in the mini vans, to the guys and gals in the office, to all the dive instructors at the fabulous dive centre on Gaya Island….every day was about looking after the customer and ensuring that they had an exceptional holiday experience.

Picking a new organisation to holiday or dive with in a new location is always a bit of a worry, will it be well organised? are they safe? will we have fun ? – but take it from me, these guys will look after you and you will have an amazing time. Sure there’s other operators there, but I spent a long time there…..I know most of them and in my opinion Downbelow are the best there is. 

Kind Regards

Michael Markscheffel

Class of May 2013 IDC

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