Local community protecting local environment.

Posted 27 Aug 2014


‘Change begins at home’ is a phrase heard often, but it’s true! Our Dive Centre facility provides a fantastic opportunity for members of the local community on our ‘Work For a Career’ program.

The program is similar to our international clients’ Go PRO internship program. The difference is that it’s a 1-year experience, in which time the local intern will certify from the entry level PADI Open Water Diver all the way to the first professional level of PADI Divemaster. During the year, their dive training will be applied to the real dive scenarios they will encounter in daily activities of our dive operations.

One very important message our team of PADI Instructors imparts on our local interns is the value of protecting our marine environment. They will not only be gaining working opportunities in the dive industry, but also a heightened awareness of our tropical nature.

Get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced Head Office staff to create a suitable itinerary to become a Go PRO diver in Sabah!

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