‘Ocean Explorer’ requirements: PADI Divemaster mapping skills!

Posted 01 Nov 2015

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It’s not an impossible dream! To be an ‘Ocean Explorer’, one of the requirements would be PADI Divemaster mapping skills or equivalent (at least!)

Mapping skills in the course, require candidates to record in detail their underwater exploration, so that other divers may confidently dive it themselves in future using their map as a reference. It’s one of the most exciting moments to be the pioneer of some discovery of: a dive site, marine life species, wreck, coral, the list goes on! Divemaster candidates Clarence and Ashley will gain more from their professional diver experience after they complete their mapping exercise. Because they will take into consideration that the topography of a reef is also a factor for their decision-making before, during and after a dive, so their judgment on diver safety will be more effective.

For more information to Go PRO or continue your professional scuba diving education, contact us in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

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