Our Go PRO team will advise IDC candidates on student supervision.

Posted 28 Jun 2014


A PADI Instructor can make a session of in-water skills easy, as well as enjoyable, with a high level of supervision!

During the Instructor Development Course (IDC), our Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers note that the most difficult area to master is the supervision and control of their students during a session of skills.

Good organization for the conduct of skills will create a comfortable atmosphere for both PADI Instructor and student diver.

Our Go PRO team counsels the IDC candidates throughout the course during each and every confined water dive and open water dive skills to prepare the Go PRO divers, not only for the Instructor Examination (IE), but also for when they begin instructing in real life situations.

The advice provided is so invaluable for the candidates because the Go PRO team has encountered the typical problems that arise with student divers learning new skills, as well as the not-so-typical problems!

The Go PRO team is dedicated to offering their expertise in dive instruction to enhance the education of future divers, both recreationally and professionally. Contact one of our friendly and helpful members of staff based at our Head Office in KK Times Square to organize a suitable schedule for you to live the diving dream according to your career needs!

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