Our recent IE candidates keep up our 100% pass rate!

Posted 19 Jun 2014



Dive educators the world over, are never more fulfilled than when their student divers excel in dive training. Our candidates of the recent Instructor Examination (IE) didn’t disappoint, as they rewarded our passionate dedication to their professional dive training with, yet again, a pass rate of 100%!

During the Instructor Development Course (IDC), which commenced in mid-May, candidates Herman, Carlos, Andy, Outi, Missy, Sandra, Polly, Ian and Catherine worked together to achieve their success in the IE!

It is inevitable the IDC is a lot of fun to be had, but it can be stressful if the candidates don’t support one another.

For a little more than two weeks, the candidates and our full time Go PRO team of PADI Instructor Trainers analysed every skill demonstration, performance requirement, dive terminology, dive theory, exam questions and answers (the list goes on!) to prepare for the IE.

Our Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann is thrilled with the consistently high results from our June IE candidates!

For some of our candidates they will continue to develop their instructional skills to improve their career opportunities with the PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) and every one of them will be living the diving dream from now on!



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