PADI Pro’s are shark fanatics in Sabah, Borneo!

Posted 08 Jul 2014


A campaign of the non-governmental organization, Project AWARE, concerns the protection of sharks of which all species are of a vulnerable status in population number, or worse!

Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann is a great believer in upholding the code of conduct as a PADI professional, which parallels Project AWARE’s mission for environmental preservation.

During the visitation of one of our Adventure Group’s, Richard retrieved an illegal fishing net that was snagging the delicate coral life. A surprise, as well, to have found a shark in the net, but it was a lucky day for the shark as it was helped to swim back to its freedom.

Go PRO internship programs include more than just the dive training or the dive theory, which is required by PADI Standards to complete any qualification, but our dive operation includes other forms of education. It comes in the form of experience, with; conservation projects to improve coral health, educating others on various environmental hazards, conducting a day of ‘feel-good’ volunteering, such as beach clean ups or removing an illegal fishing net and freeing a shark!

For more information on how to live the diving dream with the ‘feel-good’ experiences, get in touch with one of our Head Office staff who can provide you with a detailed itinerary for you to Go PRO with us in Borneo!

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