Professional interns display awesome teamwork to remove a destructive net off the reef!

Posted 21 Jun 2014



All dive professionals, of any level, are dedicated activists to the protection of the inhabitants of our underwater world!

The internship programs conducted at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is fully inclusive of many attractive features, such as private en-suite accommodation based in KK city centre, transport logistics, lunch and refreshments at our island beach house.

However, divers are naturally environmentalists and many have dreams to contribute their talents to other fields, such as research in field studies and conservation efforts.

Because our location is within the parameters of the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, our diligence to protecting our underwater ‘office’ is great for increasing our local communities’ public awareness of the dangers to our marine environment. Our professional interns will always follow along (but of course, it is not compulsory) to increase their experience in conservation activities and it’s so rewarding personally, not to mention the fantastic opportunities for those interested in marine management in their future careers!

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