Support from a Platinum CD is a must for 100% success!

Posted 12 Feb 2015


One guarantee we offer our clients is the support from a Platinum PADI Course Director, which is a must for 100% success!

Richard Swann is Downbelow’s resident Course Director, with the Platinum rating awarded by the PADI diver training organisation since 2012 too!

Candidates of an Instructor Development Course (IDC) want the best preparation to qualify as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors, as well as leave their Go PRO internship program without a doubt they will train their student divers to the highest standards of diver safety!

Of course, our Go PRO team will expect and ensure nothing less than our excellent standards. Richard leads the Go PRO team and has guided the members of that team through their professional diving career. A mentor who is very hands-on with the practical dive training is an interactive coach our Go PRO interns are grateful to have training them to become the professional divers they need to be for the safety of their future student divers!

In our first IDC this year, candidate Patrik is evaluated on his teaching presentation of the controlled emergency swimming ascent in a confined water dive. After feedback and counselling from his Course Director, Patrik attempts the skill again, and instantly improves his control of his student!

Get more information on our Go PRO internships that our resident Platinum CD and Go PRO team can counsel you through to become a professional diver in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

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