“Very well organized and consistent”

Posted 17 Sep 2014



Me and my partner missy decided it was time to take the next step in our professional diving careers and after talking to four others who had done the same thing at Down below and looking at the very clear and informative website we decided to do our instructor development course there.
We had decided to arrive two weeks earlier as a bit of a prep course and after meeting the very friendly office staff and picking up our crew packs we scheduled our trip to gaya island the next day.
The first thing I can remember that stuck in my mind was the bay area that heads up to the dive centre which is a very good and protected area to teach and learn scuba diving, the second thing that really impressed me was the fact that when we arrived the managing director Richard was actually there on the veranda to greet us and I saw this same thing many times with day guests, being new and repeats, when we began with our prep course we were put straight in the water and allowed to assist and observe new and ongoing courses which was a comforting relief as we were both nervous about the course to come.
I personally found the IDC very hard with a lot of self discipline required to get through it and there was a lot of work but all was clear when it came to the instructor examination and I realized at this point how brilliant the course had been as I was over prepared so the exams were a breeze.
Down belows staff are very professional but also fun and a lot of them are long term staff, 3 years and more,.if that’s not a sign that the company is great then I don’t know what is.
In conclusion, my experience at downbelow has not only made me a qualified dive instructor but a good one, richard is a fair person but he won’t turn a blind eye to incorrect procedure and drilled the standards into us in a way that I now even think of them while sleeping. I can’t thank Richard and the whole team enough for the kindness, help and education we received and also for the opportunity we had to stay around a bit longer and assist in teaching over 300 open water students.
Even though some days conditions were challenging, I would more than recommend taking a course with Down below and also recommend getting out there for some fabulous diving

Ian Connah

Class of June 2014 IDC

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